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Diaz Sunprotection NV. is a prominent manufacturer of made-to-measure window
decoration in the Belgian market who’s success lies in continuous investment and

Over the years Diaz Sunprotection NV. has created a unique range of components and
in order to offer the Belgian market different window decoration products.

Thanks to the success we have known over the years with our own developments we
decided to offer these products to assemblers and wholesalers of window decoration

“We can ensure functionality and quality of our components and fabrics, as we use them
on a daily basis in our Belgian assembling line.”

As an assembler we know how important it is to receive components and fabrics
on time. Therefore we offer our clients the possibility to order directly from our stock
in Belgium or to buy bigger quantities straight from our production sites.

If our component customers exceed their production capacity they can always rely on us
to help them produce the blinds they need.

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